One focus of my art is life cycles...  Take a flower.  It's life cycle is so short, you can actually watch it unfurl into this beautiful explosion of color, of shape, of form.  And almost instantly, after it reaches it's fullest bloom, it starts it's demise.  

But what exactly is that moment of completion? Of highest beauty and form?  Is it at the fullest bloom?  

For me, it's the process; the entirety of the cycle.  

In Nectar Nearly Complete, I attempted to capture an abstracted slice of a delicate flower in a bold, strong way.  Stringing together in the process with fragments of development, I hoped to achieve a balance, a sense of near completion.

Nectar Nearly Complete, 48 in. by 48 in.

In Sitting Room, I explored the life cycle of an old room, which has gone through many transformations throughout it's course of life.  Each one breathing new life into the space.  What was once modern and fresh becomes antique and sacred.  Each season leaving it's mark on the room, bringing layer after layer of character and depth to it.

The aspect of cycles also applies to my technique.  Using acrylic paint, mediums, charcoal, and occasionally other elements, I work in layers.  My goal is to achieve balance between these layers, while giving each one its' due credit. 

Sitting Room, 48 in. by 60 in.